Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween weekend

I avoided the candy for the most part.  Had one small size 3 Musketeers to fulfill the craving and I was good.  I got a 12 mile bike ride in Saturday and a 5.4 mile run in on Sunday (plus all the trick or treating!)  Decent training weekend.  Husband got 16 miles in today- awesome job!  Looking towards setting my 2011 fitness goals, trying to decide what is manageable with work, the kids, husbands work and training schedule and my (hopeful) pursuit of my Masters Degree...

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  1. HI I am Rae I saw you as a follower on Team Voice. Awesome job on the miles. I can relate to swinging kids,job, training, alone time, hubby time. It is really hard.

    Good job from staying away from the candy. It is so hard too!!

    Have a happy Monday.