Sunday, June 5, 2011

Stressing over a rest period

I did 6.14 miles today in good time and the weather was perfect.  Slight breeze, not hot or humid, perfect.  Tomorrow I am having the first of 2 varicose vein procedures and that means no running for 7 days.  My first procedure is tomorrow then the second is on Friday, so it is 12 days with no running (or swimming either, and I have been sprint tri training).  I am really freaked out about it.  I planned to do it now, so my fall race schedule would not be messed up,  but the not running is making me feel uptight, like in 12 days my hard work will all fall apart.  I know it is silly, but I still feel it.  I can walk and after 2 or 3 days bike, but I am assuming not competitive biking, just easy.  I also have to wear the full compression stockings for 4-6 weeks after and I am hoping the description from my doctor of wearing them when awake does not include during workouts, that would be awful!  I have my list of follow up questions to ask tomorrow and hopefully I will be back at it soon.


  1. Good luck with your procedures and take the time to rest your body so you'll be fresh and ready to rock and roll once the doctor gives you the okay!!!

  2. Yeah, rest up! Plus, that gives me the extra time on the equipment, muahahahahahahahaha! :-)